About me…..Well, I am pretty much darkness. Not evil just dark I suppose.

I draw dark things. Not so much dark to me, but I’ve been told. Still I draw. I draw as if will change anything, save something. I don’t really know why I’m compelled other than to communicate. I enjoy reading and educating myself on all topics of human nature in order to communicate better. Talk just doesn’t seem to resinate as much as images or even written words.

I feel silly listing my accomplishments, so I can only say I enjoy entertaining imaginations. My goal in life is to help people smile. Wish me luck!

7 comments on “About

    • No problem. It’s always an great time at that show. I really appreciate the interest! Blue lead, scan full color, remove cyan to show the inks only.

  1. Hello,

    We spoke maybe 5 minutes ago. As promised here are some of the games I made! I might come back for the Modecai. Trying to pace my spending habit.


    • It was cool to meet you also man! Thanks for the support. The themes you explained for the games sound awesome! I downloaded Pretend2work going to try it out tonight!

  2. You need to add a contact form or list your email so people can contact you. Do you have other social media you can link to like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter?

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